2014 Tecate Enduro

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Los Ancianos MC and DP Racing are pleased to announce the winner of the “Des McDonald Ultimo Cabrón” Award.

That is, the very last official finisher of the Tecate Enduro, who is one “bad mo-fo” for earning this prestigious honor. Congratulations to Austin Janzen, on Line 3, from Anaheim, CA, for showing true grit and determination to officially finish under the wire! Austin will receive one of the coveted Los Ancianos trophies and a box of Maxima Oil products. For previous Los Ancianos Tecate Hare Scrambles events, DP Racing has sponsored the Des McDonald Holeshot Award. For the Tecate Enduro, this replaced the Holeshot Award to recognize the “last cabrón” to finish!

– Steve Bourgeois/DP Racing

The Official Results are In!

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Thanks to all who made this event possible, particularly the competitors!

The 12/6/14 Tecate Enduro was Long and Hard

WOW! Competitors who finished the 2014 Tecate Enduro accomplished something very big. Congratulations to those who conquered a course that was “stout” and difficult just as we said it would be! Race day greeted 275 riders with EPIC conditions. Wet “chocolate cake “ dirt allowed for incredible roosting all day long. The master of the day was Ian Blythe from Sedalia, CO. Ian’s smooth style allowed him to conserve energy throughout the three loops and 101 miles of trail. Ivan Ramirez finished a determined second and Brandon Prieto finished third overall. These three and all 88 riders who finished this course are truly talented riders. The Los Ancianos MC wants to thank all the riders and support crew who traveled from far off locations and spent a lot of money to participant in this enduro. Thank you so much. Thanks also to Hacienda Rancho Veronica, the local ranchers, our sponsors and our many volunteers. We needed everyone’s help on this enduro. And of course thanks to the entire Los Ancianos MC, speared headed by our president, Tommy Thrailkill, who have worked for over a year on this endeavor . Through the summer heat, winter rain, long border crossings, expensive gas and tired bodies, we made it happen! WuWho!!! And it turned out better than hoped!

– Scott Penwarden/Los Ancianos MC

Some of our riders made the trek from Phoenix, Arizona

I have raced Tecate many times and have never been disappointed. This year was no exception, in fact I think this was my favorite race of all time. It was every thing you guys said it would be. It was tough, challenging and exciting. I am in a local club here in Phoenix (Fastr MC) and we put on a race every year and I know how hard it is to put on a race. While riding your event I was totally amazed at how well it was marked and how great a job your club did. We have never marked 100 miles of course before (Hoping we never DO) and I have to give you guys a very big “Hats OFF to you” for doing so. I think there were many people that underestimated the course and how tough it would be, but if they read your race flyer and knew what they were getting into then ?? Badd on them. My son and I had a great time and will never forget it, we truly got our asses kicked and we are happy as hell to do so. Anyone that came away from your race without any issues or problems, I would have to say is a True Badd Man on a Motorcycle. We here in AZ envy your club and all you do and try harder every year to close the gap. You and your club are making it very tough on us to try to come close to your standards. Thank you very much for a very, very great race and memories that will last a lifetime. You can’t buy weekends like this with your sons.

– Dean and Aaron Adams, and Bobby Russell.

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